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Monday, November 18, 2013

Lovina Beach in Buleleng, North Bali, a Beautiful Beach with Dolphin

Lovina Beach in North Bali , exactly in Buleleng offer something different to tourists . Exciting experience for tourists who want to see the dolphins . Travelers can see dolphins naturally by boat . Lots of boat or rent a boat to see the dolphins , will definitely be an experience menarik.Tetapi it depends on weather factors , there are some travelers who are less fortunate that can not see the dolphins .

Kalibukbuk Village , there are a lot of boats or traditional Balinese boat for rent . Each boat contains 4-5 people . Interestingly , although many dolphin tour operator in Kalibukbuk village , but they apply the same price of Rp 60,000 . Dolphin tour finished , other fun activities are snorkeling . Rent snorkeling equipment is also subject to Rp 60,000 . Other marine tourism activity is fishing . Swimming can be an option . Lovina Beach is a quiet flow safe for the kids who want to swim . At night , you can hang out in the cafe . Some cafes featuring musical performances .

Travelers can rent a canoe , the most appropriate time aktraksi see dolphins chase began when early morning , approximately at 05.00 . We recommend that you order a boat at night , or you can contact the manager of the hotel where you are staying to order the canoe . When the early morning , there will be cries of " " Dolphin , Dolphin " , a sign that the owner of the boat ready to take you to the most exciting adventures during the holidays , which is to see the dolphins .

Adventure else can you find there ? Do not quarters , there are still other adventures such as diving , no diving spot with stunning views , you can enjoy the beauty of the sea on the beach Lovina . Many ornamental fish that you can see and be friendly enough for divers . Indeed in Lovina marine parks are not as beautiful as any park in Indonesia. However , you will be quite happy playing with ornamental fish in these waters .

On the beach, you can also find a variety of shells that diverse . Sure you can take it to a collection of trinkets and souvenirs are natural and attractive .

Lovina Beach - beach attractions Buleleng North Bali
Lovina Beach - beach attractions Buleleng North Bali

Location of Lovina Beach 

Lovina beach is located in the west of the city Singapraja , is approximately 9-10 km from the city singapraja . Lovina Beach in the Village Kalibukbuk , Buleleng regency , Bali . Therefore, sometimes people call it a tourist area Kalibukbuk . The beach is somewhat less suited for sunbathing on the beach because many boats are used and rented out to see the dolphins , Lovina black sandy beach is still natural, so interesting to visit . Bali Sea is located in Lovina relatively calm waters so that you can tour at sea using fishing boats . Dolphin tour that is the privilege of Lovina Beach , Buleleng , north Bali .

Transport and Accommodation in Lovina 

For domestic travelers , usually visiting using a landline would be better , by road that goes to bali then through Gilimanuk , the distance between Gilimanuk to Lovina Beach is less than an hour . For domestic travelers or those that use air line , then had to get off at the airport in Bali is Ngurah Rai Airport . Ngurah Rai Airport and Lovina Beach is like from the south end to the north end of Bali . The distance can be more than 120 km . Need a travel time of about almost three hours. Often a long travel time is a constraint for the domestic tourists come to Lovina Beach . Even so , it can not be a reason to enjoy the panoramic view of Lovina Beach at sunrise time . The best recommendation to really enjoy Lovina Beach is the minimum stay overnight in this area . Because , dolphin tours as a major tourist aktraksi Lovina done in the morning .

From Denpasar to Lovina , you can skip past Bedugul to Singaraja and Lovina heading . You can also route to Bedugul ago Seririt and Lovina . You can travel through both routes had about a 2 hour drive . However, the route passes through the up - down and winding . Another route is through the last Gilimanuk to Lovina which can be taken in almost 4 hours . This path is relatively straight and comfortable although the journey takes longer.All vehicles can reach Lovina , you can rent a car or public transport naek , facilities in Lovina beach is also very comprehensive, ranging from lodging , restaurants to other facilities .Lovina Beach in Buleleng , North Bali

Lovina Beach - beach attractions Buleleng North Bali 
Lovina Beach in Buleleng , North Bali

Lovina Beach 
Lovina beach dolphins

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