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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Seven Beautiful Beach in Bali

The charm of the beach in Bali had been no doubt , many stunning coastal charm , beauty dreamland with white sand and the ranks of the hotel overlooking the beach , dolphin tours Lovina beach , sunset charm of Sanur beach and many other beaches , there are some point dive that can be used for diving or diving , you can try a variety of foods and beverages typical bali , massage services , pigtail , boats and fishing , all reserved for visitor satisfaction , below are 7 beaches in Bali , in fact there's more , but this time we discussed 7 first beach , this is the charm of bali with 7 beaches of extraordinary beauty .

1 . Legian and Seminyaklocated on the north coast beach of Kuta . This is a place for the happy fovorit photographed , because the atmosphere sunsetnya never the same every day .
Initially Legian is an agrarian village . Although located on the waterfront , most of the people live from farming . Only a small portion Legian residents work as fishermen . So a visit to the tourist area of ​​Kuta increasingly booming , leading to overflow of visitors Legian and Seminyak adjacent . The two villages also helped clean up and provide various facilities for travelers.
2 . Sanur baliSanur beach , well -known not lose its beauty and is one alternative that is well worth a visit . Padang Bai Beach. located at the Bali - Lombok ferry ports . Although adjacent to the harbor , but the marine life is still very well preserved .
This beach has a length of 3 kilometers with a coastline facing east . Sanur Beach is famous for its clean white beaches and gentle . In addition, Sanur beach is a rocky beach that has its own advantages .
3 . DreamlandDreamland Beach is the favorite with most tourists biruu beaches and beautiful white sand . The beach is located not far from the Uluwatu on the island is very famous for its beauty . The beauty and cleanliness of the beach adds to the attraction of visitors , not only from domestic but also foreign tourists .
4 . Lovina Beach .located on the north coast of the island of Bali is different from other Balinese coast . The black sand beach and fun if every morning you can see the dolphins in the sea , wohoo ! And lastly there
5 . Amed and Tulamben BeachThe adjacent beach and almost similar character. Amed Beach weve rarely visited by domestic tourists , but no less beautiful tables . But if Tulamben Beach is the favorite for the likes diving . Lovina Beach is not suitable as a place to sunbathe because there are many boat ( small boat ) that line the coast sidelines . These boats are used for activities see dolphins
6 . Candi Dasa beachlocated to the east of the island of Bali . Quite stunningly beautiful beaches , where you can snorkel and diving . Natural charm that was developed as a marine tourism object can be an option to perform a variety of activities , such as sun bathing , canoing , snorkeling , fishing , trekking through the hills , and that is not less interesting is the presence of small islands that can be reached by boat fishermen distance ( boats ) . smaller islands are storing potential underwater panorama of coral reefs and ornamental fish .

7 . Padang Bai Beachlocated at the Bali - Lombok ferry ports . Although adjacent to the harbor , but the marine life is still very well preserved . Padang Bai is a sea port area to the East Bali area which is used as a harbor crossing to Lombok . Additionally , the port is also home to the berthing of the tourists who visited Bali by sea are transported by large cruise ships that docked in Labuan Amok only . The most interesting thing in the Padang Bai is a place that is sheltered in a bay with coral stones that life under the water to be safe . In the eastern part of the area of ​​the port of Padang Bai there is a beach which is now becoming quite beach tourist area visited by tourists, especially foreign tourists . Among tourists , the beach area known as the Blue Lagoon Beach .

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