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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Travel Dreamland Beach in Uluwatu

This is information about tourist attractions in Bali dreamland beach , Dreamland beach could be an alternative other than the tourist beach of Kuta . This beach has a beautiful high cliffs , sandy brown vaginal discharge bright , besides blue sea water becoming the attraction of foreign tourists , steep gully into a landscape so alluring eyes to look at. The water still looks clear as crystal .

Dreamland beach surrounded by hills and high cliffs and rocks, large size , as if the beach is lower than the sea so much cooler . There are more special again , pengunjug can enjoy the sunset on the beach area with steep rock walls . Dreamland is also suitable for surfing or surfing because it has a large and high waves . If the beach is too crowded Kuta to visit , maybe you can try to enjoy the beauty of dreamland .
Dreamland or " land of dreams " , a name that is unique , different from the names on the beach in Bali , it turns out this name has a unique history , this area was once there is a housing project and tourist attraction. At the time of monetary crisis in 1998 , the mega project was abandoned , while the villagers Pecatu who once lived as farmers really hope the project is completed and they can pursue other business in the field of tourism. Because of the expectations of the people and this land into the land of their future diberilah the name of this land dream land ( land of dreams )
Position / Location of Dreamland Beach
Dreamland Beach is a tourist spot located in the south of Bali in the area named Pecatu . The location of this beach is located within the complex Pecatu Graha Bali ( Kuta Golf Links Resort ) which is about 30 minutes from Kuta beach . With approximately 30 minutes drive from Kuta to Jimbaran then Pecatu direction , you will get here .
Dreamland Beach Facilities
Various tourism facilities became available in the region , from villas , resorts, shopping, mall , to the golf course . Dreamland beach area currently being developed as a tourist area of Bali Pecatu Resorts complete with 18 -hole golf courses , international schools , international hospitals , shopping malls and other tourist facilities . You can swim at the beach is clear , do not worry here also sold a lot of clothes for dressing purposes and souvenirs . If you are not strong with the sun , you can rent umbrellas provided along the coast . For food and drinks , there are many food vendors , so you do not have to be afraid if the stomach feels hungry .

In addition , here are also available sanitary facilities if you want to change clothes or shower . However, the pricing is quite expensive even for just urinate in this area . If you want to stay , at the Dreamland area there are dozens of resorts and villas that stand as a supporter of tourism that continues bergeliat at Dreamland Beach . Some resorts and villas standing on the cliff so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the beach from the cliff .

According to the guide there , Dreamland is the only place in Bali that use International Law . So the rules that apply in this beach more freely . Visitors can consume alcohol or women can be topless on the beach without prosecution .
Dreamland Beach in Uluwatu 
Dreamland Beach
 Dreamland Beach in Uluwatu

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