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Tuesday, October 27, 2015



Heaven Insects - butterflies and moths (butterflies) is an insect belonging to the order  Lepidoptera, or 'winged insect scales' (lepis, scales and  pteron, wings).
Simply put, butterflies are distinguished from moths aka butterfly night based on the time of active and physical attributes. Butterflies are generally active during the day (diurnal), while the moths are mostly active at night (nocturnal),

butterfly resting or perch to enforce its wings, moth perched with wings spread. Butterflies typically have bright beautiful colors, moths tend to be dark, dull or gray. However, these differences there are always exceptions, so that scientifically can not be used as a handle for sure. (van Mastrigt and Rosariyanto, 2005).


Butterflies and moths so many kinds, in Java and Bali alone recorded more than 600 species of butterflies. Moth kind so far have not made ​​a full list, but suspected there were hundreds of different types (Whitten  et al., 1999). Butterfly became one of the few types of insects are harmless to humans.

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