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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Let's Have A Little Fun + Waking Up Details

I'm roughly 40 percent done with the next chapter of Waking Up. I've decided to have a little fun with a contest. The winner of said contest will be the first person to read the new chapter before anyone else. How to enter you ask? Simple, guess who the celeb in this chapter is and be the first one to guess the correct celebrity. Now you just need to reply to this post in order to win. I need at least 5 different users to enter to allow the contest to go forth. Now I'm giving you 2 hints about said celeb so pay attention

Hint 1: She's older than 20 but she's not older than 25.

Hint 2: She DOES have a caption on this site. Her caption is over a year old

*Update: Someone asked me if guesses were limited. Quick answer is no! Guess ahead!

I will contact the winner once the right person has been guessed. GOOD LUCK!



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